Hilary teaches:
Mondays & Wednesdays 20:00 – 21:00
Hilary was our first, long standing Yoga teacher at The Flamingo Centre; joining in June 2017. Her popular classes grew to four a week, selling out six weeks in advance and holding a waiting list!  She certainly put Flamingo Yoga on the North Bristol map.

Hilary is currently spending time travelling and practising with her teachers in India and will be teaching blocks of classes (plus sharing the Wednesday evening class with Karina) and workshops at The Flamingo Centre when she is at home in the UK.

Hilary’s first experience of Yoga Asana practice took place over 13 years ago in India.  Having trained as a ballroom dancer she understood the connection between rhythm, breath and movement and quickly fell in love with challenging sequences of postures demanding focus, discipline and commitment.  As her practice deepened she began to seek more knowledge of the rich philosophy of Yoga ‘beyond the Yoga mat’ and she continues to learn and grow travelling regularly to India.

Hilary has enjoyed  many styles of Yoga including Iyengar, Hatha, Sivananda, Yin and Ashtanga Vinyasa. Hilary has completed both a residential, 200 hr immersion training course in India and a longer duration 200 hr UK based teacher training course (both registered with Yoga Alliance UK/USA).  She also attends regular CPD workshops. Her classes are a hybrid of styles based on her personal practice and experience.  Most importantly, she tries to ensure that her classes are true to the devotional practice of Yoga, as she is; Hilary has a daily, early morning practice.

‘The practice of Yoga enables us to find space, to focus and turn our attention inward; working with awareness to create the very best possible version of ourselves.  When practiced regularly, with sincerity and commitment this influences our behaviours in life generally and our consideration for others.  Working with this subtle inner alignment builds a strong and grounded physical, mental and spiritual well-being, helping us to be ‘fit for life’.  I endeavour to explore and deepen my practice, share with others and make every breath count.’

Yoga with Hils…beyond the Yoga mat… ’There’s a place where it’s calm and quiet; everything is still, in perfect balance, at peace.  Yoga can unlock this place by quietening the mind and reducing the noise and chaos of life.  We can master our mind, restrain the fluctuations of our thoughts and unlock this place of self-realisation and peacefulness.’