Flamingo Yoga






Yoga is so popular at The Flamingo Centre; the classes now have their own page!

We’ve had two new teachers join the flock, giving us a fabulous Flamingo Yoga team of 7!

Find out more about our teachers here – Meet The Flock/Teachers/Yoga.

Our Flamingo Yoga team can now offer you a variety of Yoga classes, during the daytime & evenings, six days a week (no classes on Saturdays…….yet)

We shall be adding Workshops/Courses for Complete Beginners & Advanced Practice in the near future.

July – Sundays 19:30 with Aimee/Debbie

August – Sundays 19:30 with Aimee/Debbie

July – Mondays 20:00 with Karina

August – Mondays 20:00 with Karina

July – Tuesdays 11:30 with Kate

July – Tuesdays 19:00 with Kate

August – Tuesdays 19:00 with Kate

July – Tuesdays 20:30 with Debbie/Aimee

August – Tuesdays 20:30 with Debbie/Aimee

July – Wednesdays 11:00 with Debbie

July – Wednesdays 20:30 with Hilary/Karina

August – Wednesdays 20:30 with Hilary/Karina

  Thursdays 20:00 with Devaki

July – Thursdays 20:30 with Aimee

August – Thursdays 20:30 with Aimee

July – Fridays 11:00 with Karina