Wellbeing Yoga – Sunday Class

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This event is running from 4 August 2019 until 22 December 2019. It is next occurring on November 24, 2019 7:30 pm

  • Venue: The Flamingo Centre
  • Upcoming Dates:

 💛  Sunday Class  💛   Find your balance  💛

Melt into Monday with a relaxing and restorative Yoga class designed

to set you up for the week ahead.

Expect to generate heat through basic flowing movements before melting into deep relaxation.
A flowing and dynamic style of Yoga suitable for beginners and intermediate students.

Classes are fun and friendly and a fantastic compliment to any other fitness regimes such as Cycling and running.

Flamingo Yoga classes also run on:

19:30 – 20.30 – Wellbeing with Debbie
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19:00 – 20:00 – Yoga with Leanne
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Fridays (monthly)
19:00 – 20:30 – Yin Nidra by Candlelight with Donna
There are only ten places so booking is essential.

There are only ten places so booking is essential.

Debbie has trained in India and the UK, qualified as 500 hr RYT and has been teaching for over 9 years. She is excited to be joining the Flamingo Flock.

Her main aim in any Yoga class is for wellbeing and connection to self to be experienced. She delivers through breath practices, postures and guided relaxation.

Debbie’s previous career as a professional dancer and dance teacher inspired her passion for Yoga from a range of traditions, leading her to develop an interest in the connection between movement, breath and spirituality. She tends to work intuitively and loves to work with any ability from seasoned practitioners to beginners, so at her classes except to feel calm and find a sense of peace.

More recently she has noticed how people need to slow down from their busy lives and developed Restorative workshops where people get to truly relax and unwind using props and bolsters, verse and music.

Debbie recently trained in Shamanic Healing and is soon going to be offering healing sessions as part of her retreats and workshops.



Date Ticket Price Quantity
Sunday Yoga - Sept 5 wk. blk. £40.00 Sold out
WBY Nov 4 wk. blk. £32.00 Sold out
WBY 15/12 £10.00 Sold out
WBY 8/12 £10.00 Sold out
WBY 1/12 £10.00 Sold out
WBY Dec 4 wk blk. £32.00 Sold out
WBY 24/11 £10.00 Sold out
WBY 17/11 £10.00 Sold out
WBY 10/11 £10.00 Sold out
WBY 3/11 £10.00 Sold out
WB Yoga 27/10 £10.00 Sold out
Sun. Yoga 1/9 £10.00 Sold out
WB Yoga 20/10 £10.00 Sold out
WB Yoga 13/10 £10.00 Sold out
WB Yoga 6/10 £10.00 Sold out
WB Yoga Oct 4 wk. blk. £32.00 Sold out
Sun. Yoga 29/9 £10.00 Sold out
Sun. Yoga 22/9 £10.00 Sold out
Sun. Yoga 15/9 £10.00 Sold out
Sun. Yoga 8/9 £10.00 Sold out
WBY 22/12 £10.00 Sold out