Wiggles & Giggles – Baby Class

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This event is running from 12 September 2019 until 2 April 2020. It is next occurring on February 25, 2020 10:45 am

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Wiggles & Giggles Baby  Class

Wiggles and Giggles is a relaxed, friend­ly music group for babies and toddlers, with fun sing-alongs and a basket of pro­ps and percussion for each child.

Our baby classes are suitable for babies from 4 months old. They are held at The Flamingo Ce­ntre on Thursdays  – 10:45 – 11:45

Toddler classes (up to 4 yrs.) run on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday – 9:30 – 10:30

The term costs £18 (50% off your 1st term ) or £36 for 6 wks pre-bookable online.

If you miss a class, this can be made up on another day during the same term.

Or £6 a single class, please text 07812 503 062 the evening before or on the morning of the class to check if a drop in space is available. The single sessions are paid for in class.

Hello, hello, I’m Sadie Flamingo Willis (true story), the lucky lady behind this whole centre.

I fell in love with Bristol when I moved here 18 years ago. This is the longest I’ve lived anywhere and I have no intention of ever leaving! I first dipped my toe into self – employment after the birth of my daughter in 2006 when I started ‘Wiggles & Giggles’ a baby/toddler singing group that’s still going strong. As my children are now 14 & 24, starting my day singing with the little ones brings me so much pleasure. I’ve also made many good friends during the 13 years I’ve been running these classes.

From 2011 – 2014 I was unfortunate to be so unwell I had to have a daily carer and use a wheelchair. I kept singing throughout this period and believe that was what kept me going. As western medicine was not really helping me, my interest in Complementary Therapies then grew. I met so many amazing people in those 3 ½ years, all of whom have since worked at ‘The Flamingo Centre’. Whilst still in the wheelchair I completed a level 3 Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology Course at Filton College and followed that with a full time Complementary Therapies Course when I was well again. Even my favourite college tutor teaches here! My second business ‘Holistic Health’ was then born and I gave Reflexology & Massage treatments from my living room for the next two years. I was feeling so blessed to have two completely different jobs, one bonkers crazy & one completely calming.

Coming from a humble background, I’ve always dreamt big; when I saw the old pet shop for sale my head started to fill with ideas for a Wellbeing Centre. After 9 months of a pretty rough rollercoaster ride ‘The Flamingo Centre’ was finally ours. We’re 2 ½ years in now and things have taken off in a way I could never have imagined. I have a fabulous flock working here providing a wide variety of classes, therapies, workshops & training courses to people of all ages and backgrounds from far and wide. I’ve even been able to rekindle my love of art running workshops & birthday parties with the older children. I really am living the dream!

So why ‘The Flamingo Centre’? I’ve always had a fascination with flamingos, they even featured in my A-level course work along with clay which is another love of mine. It wasn’t until recent years that I learnt about the connection between the flamingo and the legend of the phoenix – a bird that rises from the flames. I then looked into the spiritual meaning of the flamingo understood why they resonate with me. Flamingos sift through the bad (negativity) to find the good, they like to work individually as well as in a team. They are also well balanced which is something we all aim to be.

Helping people to find their balance gives me such joy I sometimes forget about my own! I’m continuing to work on this, good job there’s a centre near me that can help 
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Date Ticket Price Quantity
Tues Baby W&G T4 £36.00 Sold out
Tues Baby W&G T4 1st term £18.00 Sold out
Thurs Baby W&G T4 £36.00 Sold out
Tues Baby W&G T4 1st term £36.00 Sold out