The Lightning Process Seminar

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This event finished on 26 October 2018

The Lightning Process Seminar

Learn how to re-train your brain to influence your body and get your life back

How does it work?

You know how you can get a physical reaction simply watching a film, reading a book or remembering something from your past or even imagining an event in the future; you might blush, cry, laugh or your heart might race. That is a mind/body interaction. We can learn to harness that power to get change – for our well-being.

When the body experiences a threat (such as physical injury, viruses, drug reactions, emotional shock or trauma), it creates a physical emergency response (PER), which stimulates the Sympathetic Nervous System and produces stress hormones. Temporarily this is an excellent solution for dealing with most threats, but long term arousal of this system causes disruption to normal Hormone, Immune, Muscle and Digestive System function and changes the way our nerve cells transmit nerve signals.

The Impact of Stress

The combination of the original cause plus prolonged stress and imbalanced body systems results in a downward health spiral. The spiral can be further worsened by the emotional distress of being unwell and all the concerns about your future.

When you understand the physical processes that go on as a response to ill health or trauma, it becomes clear that a training programme, such as the Lightning Process, which teaches you how to influence these physical processes, can open up a whole new set of options and choices for your health and life.

So, the Lightning Process is an empowering training course, which teaches you how you can influence your health and life, using techniques based on the way the mind and body interact.

Your Role

Remember you are with yourself 24/7 so of course you are the most influential person for yourself. Up until now you may not have recognised this or known what to do. That’s O.K. If it appeals to you to learn HOW to take hold of the reins of your own health and wellbeing, with our committed support and encouragement, read on.

If that sounds interesting to you, find out the steps involved here.