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This event finished on 28 May 2020

Sound Healing Practitioner Course – Levels 1 – 3 with Marko Zigon

The Flamingo Centre is thrilled to announce that the Sound Therapist and Tutor, Marko Zigon is bringing his Sound Healing Course to Bristol, for the first time!
Marko is a Dubai based Sound Engineer and he will share with us how he embraces frequency and vibration. Marko has worked  with sound since 1993, first as a musician, later worked a career in music production, all until he felt the inner call for something deeper.
He is internationally certified in working with Tuning forks, Himalayan & Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs; he works with private clients as well as running the group sound baths and sound meditations. During his sound therapy workshops Marko explains and teaches his students about overall insights of this extremely powerful healing modality.

About the Sound Healing Practitioner Course:
No previous experience needed.
3 x 1 day non-residential modules (Levels 1 to 3).

Course Dates:

DAY 1 – Wed 26th May 2020: 10:00 – 17:00 LEVEL 1 – Basic
DAY 2 – Thu 27th May 2020: 10:00 – 17:00 LEVEL 2 – Intermediate
DAY 3 – Fri 28th Jun 2020:10:00 – 17:00 LEVEL 3 – Advanced

Course Prices:

£500 for all 3 modules if paid in full by the end of January.
£550 (all three levels taken & paid altogether )
£200 x 3 = £600 (all three levels taken, paid in 3 installments)
£250 per module if purchased individually.
It is highly recommended that you start your training from the Level 1 with Marko; even with some previous experience.
How to book?
To book the course please click on ‘find tickets’ at the top of this event.
Limited to 15 places. Book soon to avoid disappointment!

Full Course Details:
There are 3 levels provided: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Level. Each level will be held for one day from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. The course is perhaps the most complete and complex training available, as it includes many aspects and instruments (not only one , e.g. Himalayan singing bowls), but rather an “integral” 360 degree approach.
Topics covered in the course are listed below, 48 subjects in total.
Covering all three major sound healing tools families: Tuning Forks, Himalayan singing bowls, Crystal singing bowls, Gongs and some other sound therapy tools… at end of each level you receive a color printed handover and at the completion a Sound Healing Practitioner Certificate. Each participant will have the option to be a “giver” and “receiver” of the treatment, thus resulting in a better understanding of the theoretical part.
Please see the detailed course content below. We are looking forward to seeing you there!
Feel free to email Marko for more information about the course content.
WhatsApp: +971504015285.


Detailed Course Content:
What is Sound Healing?
What is Sound?
Sound sources
The Human ear
Sound in History
Cultures of the World
1960 to now
What is the Chakra?
The Interpretation
How to balance them?
Sound Vs. Music
Sound Therapy Effects
Sound Tools (1)
Mallets & Wands (1)
Intensity Levels
Practical Case(s) (1)
Basic about notes & intervals
Principle of harmonic sessions
Sound therapy options
Understanding the main issue
Selection of proper tools
Types of sessions
Detox Session
Balancing session
Setting up the goal or intention
Toning and over-toning
Sound tools (2)
Mallets & Wands (2)
Supportive stuff and gadgets
Practical Case/s (2)
Sound meditation setup
Types of sound meditation
Structure and execution
Grounding Vs. Uplifting
Singing bowl massage
Brain waves
Head Defogging
432 Vs. 440 Hz
Applying proper vision
Space cleansing
Basics of acoustics
Lighting and hydrating
Aroma and AC
Sound Tools (3)
Practical Cases (3)


A little bit more about Marko:
Marko Zigon has been connected to Sound since 1993. Trained in classical music (Trombone and Percussions) he later formed a band and performed more than 500 live shows – recording 2 studio albums.
Graduated with the Bachelor’s degree in Acoustics he later successfully completed the Australian International School for Audio Engineering (SAE). In 2005 he experienced sound healing for the first time and immediately sensed a deep attraction to it.
After completing more than 15 international trainings and personal tuitions with the leading experts in the field held in Germany, UK, Japan, USA, Italy, Russia, France, Poland, and Nepal, he delivered more than 900 individual sound therapy sessions, hosting more than 300 group meditations around the globe as well.
Marko has been constantly cultivating responsible, innovative and passionate approach to his sound therapy practice which can be supported by pioneering the “Body Frequency Response Test” – a unique sound evaluation method featuring a high accuracy diagnosis.
Relentlessly evolving and focusing on delivering the best experience Marko has gathered so far an impressive collection of the sonic tools (which include over 120 singing bowls, 101+ tuning forks and 14 different gongs) among many other rare instruments; he is sharing the passion during his regularly 60+ international trainings held in: UAE, Germany, Italy, Nepal, Bahrain, England, USA, Hong Kong and Japan.
For the last 3 years he has been constantly running the sound therapy courses (levels 1,2 & 3).
Marko’s references and the key competencies related to this training:
Gongs: Certified GM training with the Grand gong master Don Conreaux (USA) as well as cosmic gong techniques with gong scientist Jens Zygar (Germany). Gong making (hand-hammering) masterclass with sound metalsmith Ton Akkermans (Netherlands).
Singing bowls: Peter Hess – sound massage training level 1-4 (in Germany, personally with Peter Hess at PHI headquarter). Sound training in Nepal at the Himalayan singing bowl center with “Kassa” dynasty successors (Kathmandu). Private lessons with singing bowl expert Frank Perry (UK).
Tuning forks: Private lectures with frequency mathematician Randy Masters (Santa Cruz – California), Tuning forks Human tuning training with John Beaulieu (New York) and planetary frequency consultations with the father of planetary wavelengths – Hans Cousto (Germany).


“I’ve completed the sound therapy course and recently had private sessions with Marko Zigon as well. I can whole heartedly say he is a magical maestro. His inherent skill in creating an artistic flow of vibrations was beautiful and subtle. After each session there was a definite shift in my level of acceptance and chakra alignment that was even apparent to others in my everyday life. His method of teaching makes the theory so easy to absorb and with the practice it’s a great course for anyone interested in sound and vibrational energy.”
Fariba Zoulfaghari – United Arab Emirates
“I have just finished Marko’s Sound Healing & Vibrational Therapy courses levels 1 2 & 3. It was an amazing 3 days of learning, practicing and really understanding at a deep level the incredible therapeutic effects that sound delivers. Marko is so patient and made sure each and everyone of us understood the in-depth knowledge he teaches. He has done so much of his own research and has developed the most unique and incredible sound therapy tools which work on a much deeper level I have ever experienced before. He made the class so interesting and we had so much fun! Anyone who wants to understand more about sound therapy I highly recommend Marko’s classes.”
Katherine Gildert – UK
“I highly recommend the three-day sound therapy course conducted by Marco Zigon to anybody interested to become a sound therapist. His passion and knowledge about the topic was clearly evident and immense, and one can only absorb as much as possible in the short time span, where we covered so much content. After the course one walks away with a clear understanding of many possibilities and approaches. Thank you Marko for a very enjoyable course.”
Dina Paneris – Greece


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