Secret Garden Sound Bath – The Early Session

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This event finished on 18 September 2020

Secret Garden Sound Bath – The early Session

Craving human connection? We are super excited to bring you a new collection of Alfresco sessions in July! We have successfully tested this class on the deck at Sadie’s house (Rd. next to centre) with a 2m social distance.

Join Molly for a magical evening of ambient and sacred sounds.
Our entire cosmos is woven together on the fabric of vibration. We are made of vibrations. Sound has a wonderful way of aiding the body into total relaxation, calming the mind and relieving tension.
With the help of the ancient gong, drum, crystal bowls, Himalayan bowls, blissful chimes, guitar and voice, I will create a deeply enchanting soundscape of vibration that washes through the body’s subtle energy systems, cleansing and clearing any energy blocks, allowing our vitality and Prana to build within.
These sounds also capture our attention in a way that needs no narration by the thinking mind. The internal chatter falls away to reveal pure awareness in the moment – absolute bliss.
No experience necessary. Please bring mat/pillow/blankets/eye pillow to build yourself a snuggly nest.

The class is limited to 5 students and weather dependent. If we need to cancel, your ticket will be refunded/transferred to another date subject to availability. 


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* Please arrive at 18:15 and wait socially distanced on the driveway/path.  

 * The side gates will be unlocked and hooked back for to you access the garden safely.

*  You will need to bring your own nest with you. 

* * We may light the fire pit, please let know if you have objections.

* Notification of  bad weather cancellations will be sent by text.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.