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This event finished on 27 July 2020

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Learn the fundamental disciplines of Pilates in this new online class. Regular Pilates develops your balance and strength while improving your posture. It also has the immeasurable benefits of improving mental wellbeing and aiding restful sleep. The use of breath and flowing movement helps with relaxation, making Pilates both stress releasing and functional.

Pilates practice is great for managing and preventing injury , as well as helping to support the body in everyday function and physical activity. It’s focus on alignment, strength and flexibility, addresses postural imbalances and assists with injury prevention.

Our Pilates classes are suitable for all levels as the teacher will demonstrate and adapt each exercise for all levels.

*** This is now a pre-recorded  class as Karen has had to return to work to film classes for an app her leisure centre is launching. The same applies to to the Saturday class but she STILL is here in person on a Thursday ***

I’m truly grateful for Karen giving us her time since the end of March, to help me save the centre. You’ve all loved her but maybe not as much as I do 😉 xxx

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* Do you have a safe & private space to practice?
* You will need a mat if practicing on a hard floor.
* A rolled up towel may be needed for spinal alignment