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This event finished on 20 May 2019



Mindfulness is a practical way of changing your life for the better. The principle lying underneath is simple…awareness is transformative. Bringing more awareness to our experience enables us to see how we make ourselves suffer unnecessarily, and seeing that gives us the possibility to stop doing it and gives us the potential to start acting in ways that bring about more happiness, freedom and kindness into our lives. We already possess this awareness to some degree and mindfulness is a systematic way in which you can develop it further.

Mindfulness can be an effective way to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and relieve living in chronic pain. It is also a very effective way of enhancing and enriching an already happy life. These bi-weekly mindfulness sessions will show how to do that.

Each session will include ideas and practices: the theory  underpinning mindfulness as well as guided meditations and mindful movement.

My idea is to create a mindfulness group that includes everyone no matter who we are, adds humour, warmth and safety.

The meditation practices I teach have a simple structure and can be done by anyone regardless of religious belief or state of physical.health. They are simply a training in calming the mind and paying attention, becoming more aware of our experience, as it happens with a kind, warm and interested attitude. These practices can be done lying, sitting or standing.

They include; body scans, breath awareness, 3 minute breathing space, acceptance and self-compassion, connection and mindful movement guided meditations.

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