Kundalini Meditation – December

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This event finished on 07 December 2018

   Kundalini Meditation – December

Meditation is generally known to help relax the mind,

and switch off the emotions and pressures which can become overwhelming at times.

This process takes practice and practice takes time and effort.

In the East this is a normal part of life.

Kundalini meditation has been designed to make meditation easier for people in the West. It involves the whole body!

Using music and movement and with others, yet alone in your space with closed eyes, each person can quickly and easily find peace; some even claim it is a taste of heaven!

This is an hour long programme in which you participate at your own level because we all have different levels of energy at times.

There will be a short informal check in and check out so that we can understand others more. Refreshments will be provided for your comfort. Please bring a bottle of water and a blanket if possible

The 4 x 15 minute programme is an easy way to develop your way into the practice of meditation.

Andrea works in a person centred way and wants you above all, to ENJOY this small group experience and discover what meditation can do for you!


Bookings are no longer available for this event.