Kinesiology – Live Demo

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This event finished on 14 March 2019

Kinesiology – Live Demo

Join Sarah Tompsett for a Kinesiology live demo and taster evening to find out more about this powerful therapy and how it could support your health and wellbeing goals for 2019!
Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that combines the ancient wisdom of Eastern philosophies with modern science to balance the mind and body for optimum health and wellbeing.
Kinesiology is holistic because it works on the body’s structural, emotional, nutritional and energetic systems.
Gentle muscle testing acts as a body language to locate and interpret any imbalances or blockages that are at the root of ill health, pain or comprised wellbeing. By detecting and correcting the cause, the guess work is taken out. We can test for food sensitivities and vitamin/mineral deficiencies with muscle testing as well.
The difference with Kinesiology compared to other therapies is that you are leading the session through your own muscle responses. We are working on whatever your body wants to bring awareness to at the time, which is amazing!


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