D.E.A.P. & Tasty pop-up deli

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This event is running from 7 November 2021 until 17 April 2022. It is next occurring on November 7, 2021 10:00 am

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D.E.A.P & Tasty pop-up deli is arriving in November – we’ll be packing punches with our plant based munchies!

‘WHAT DO VEGANS EAT?’ is the the most common question I’ve been asked over the last year, since becoming Vegan.
Come & discover the amazing range of Vegan foods we have on offer here in Bristol at our twice monthly pop-up deli.
While there is A LOT of Vegan food out there, it’s not always easily accessible; especially in North Bristol……..until now!
All food vendors are local businesses supplying us with a delicious selection of sweet & savoury products, all of which are cruelty free (not tested on animals) and Vegan (no animal products used)
These events are not just for Vegans, quite the contrary actually. My goal is to help non-Vegans make changes to their eating habits by helping them to find replacement non animal products that they will love just as much, if not more.
I hope this idea excites you as much as it does me, please let me know if you have any special requests and I’ll do my best to find what you’re after.
See you on the 7th!