Pilates – Mixed Abilities

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This event is running from 7 January 2019 until 28 January 2019. It is next occurring on January 28, 2019 11:00 am

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Pilates – Mixed Abilities

Regular Pilates practice helps to support the body in everyday function and physical activity. It’s focus on alignment, strength and flexibility, addresses postural imbalances and assists with injury prevention.

The use of breath and flowing movement also helps with relaxation – making Pilates both stress releasing and functional. 

This mixed ability class caters for all abilities including beginners. Varying levels of difficulty will be offered and each client is encouraged to work at their own pace. 

Everything you need for your Pilates class will be provided, including mat, head cushion, block, and small equipment such as stretchy band and ball.

Group classes are kept to a maximum of 10 to allow for individual attention and exercise progression. 

This class is taught by Leanne of ‘Mind Body Pilates’. 




Date Ticket Price Quantity
Pilates 4 wk. Jan. blk. £32.00 Sold out
Pilates 7/1 single class £10.00 Sold out
Pilates 14/1 single class £10.00 Sold out
Pilates 21/1 single class £10.00 Sold out
Pilates 28/1 single class £10.00 Sold out